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You are not alone here ^^

8 Responses to “Advertising”

  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Abyss

    If the advertising doesn’t get in the way or appears in pop-ups, I’m fine with it.

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Long Time User

    I have no issue with the Ads, I mean you do what you have to do. This is my go to site for this kind of stuff so I can put up with a few Ads

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 Valkyrss94

    No problems man! Ads don’t scare me! (Haha) I’m fine with it. Do what you have to do

  4. Gravatar Icon 4 baka

    if you have “gentle” ads its ok. but no persistent ones or malware kind of ads that doesn’t go away and freezes the computer.

  5. Gravatar Icon 5 Author

    If we detect any malicious, Ads will be removed immediately ! This is definitely !

  6. Gravatar Icon 6 Crix

    You are most welcomed to do so since less of us bought premium from your website. pls go ahead =DD

  7. Gravatar Icon 7 animloves66

    The banner ads are great fun… Should even create a page dedicated to it! We might even find more great H-VNs to play too ~

  8. Gravatar Icon 8 Cora


    This is Cora Li from We are a game publisher currently looking for prospective online advertisement partners to promote our games in Global markets.

    Please contact if you are interested.

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